Enterprise introduction


Companybrief introduction INTRODUCTION

Guangzhou Jianglin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise.,Specializing in monitoring、Closed circuit monitoring、digital supervision、Remote monitoring、Network monitoring、Wireless monitoring、Monitoring equipment、Monitoring equipment、Monitoring system、Anti-theft alarm、Gate Registra、Community/Intelligent Building System、Network cabling project and other projects,Product management、Research and development、Engineering technology(Design、Installation、Debugging)High-tech enterprises integrated with after-sales service.The company has a group of high-quality scientific and technological elites.,He has been engaged in the development and design of intelligent systems for a long time.,Has rich experience in engineering construction and service.The company's products have been widely used in industrial and commercial enterprises.、Hotel、financial、Electric power、Attacking government organs、Transportation system、Labor, employment and community services,It has won a number of recognition and favorable comments from people in the industry.,Good social benefits have been achieved.In addition,Our company also has rich experience in the integration of various network systems.,Can provide customers with a variety of integrated solutions.

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Multi-Network Integration Solution

Intelligence"Multi-network integration"The concept of"Multi-network integration",To put it simply,Is to use only one setTCP/IPNetwork equipment,Through unityTCP/IPTransmission mode,Visual intercom of multiple subsystems of the community, such as buildings、One Card for Entrance Guard、Channel management、Home alarm、Perimeter theft prevention、CCTVMonitoring、Background music、Online patrol、Vehicle management、Parking guidance、Information release、Four-table cc、Elevator control、Elevator intercom、Elevator voice report.

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Building Visual Solution

Analysis of the Main Causes of Bad Projects in Intelligent Building Intercom System:1、One of the improper construction designs is to install the entrance machine of the intercom system in an open air place.,It's not waterproof.、Moisture proof treatment,Cause the equipment to enter water and cause faults.;The second is to design the door machine on the door panel.,Because when the door panel is switched on and off.

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Villa intercom solution

1、Networking mode This system adoptsTCP/IPNetworking mode,Through the network to achieve relevant functions.2、Audio of Digital Signal Transmission System、The video and control signals are pure digital signals,The whole system does not need any intermediate equipment.Video supportH.263,H.264Isometric transmission protocol;Audio supportG.711,G.723Isometric transmission protocol.3、The user's indoor unit with intercom function not only can communicate with the door machine、Fencing machine、The management machine can perform visualization.

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The Solution of Access Card

The entrance guard management system consists of a reading head、Controller、Access control software consists of three parts.

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High-rise Elevator Solution

The elevator management system consists of elevator control equipment、Elevator operation information detection equipment、Five-party Call and Video Surveillance、Management center and other four major components.

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  • The accumulation of years of practical engineering experience

    13Research and Development of Digital Products in、High-tech enterprises integrating production and sales,Committed to high efficiency、Intelligence、Convenient digital products for every customer

  • After years of painstaking research and development of digital products

    Professional technical research and development team as the core advantage,Have more than20A practical patent,Own brand,Own intellectual property , The system is in line with the International Telecommunication UnionITUProtocol specification

    The higher level in this field is expounded.

  • Stable quality,Excellent performance,Repair rate is low

    All products exceed10Tao program above test,Common Choice of Multiple Customers

    Establish strict production process,The product quality is directly supplied according to industrial standards.,Reasonable price,Really Make Super High Price!

  • Strong technical support

    Perfect after-sales service team,Timely Response to System Failures

    Professional installation instruction、On-site follow-up handling of abnormalities

    Long warranty period for equipment

  • Perfect service system

    Professional technical explanation by after-sales service team,Timely response to customer problems or problems

    During the warranty period of the equipment,Update equipment free of charge

Engineering case

Construction site

Customer evaluation

  • Miss Liu, Henggang Community, Dongguan City

    Cooperation with Jiang Lin has been going on for several years.,as it were,We have developed together!In addition to our cooperation with Henggang Community,He also cooperated with many other projects in Dongguan;No matter from the individual or unit level,Both units have gone through several years hand in hand.,Over the road"ditch.

  • Mr. Chen, Yulong Garden, Lincang

    2012We found Guangzhou Jianglin Intelligent Technology Company through the Internet when our Yulong Garden project was still under construction in,to2014Year5It took two years to cooperate with them in the end.Jiang Lin may not be a very loud brand,8500When the project is handed over to them,The company's project team did experience worries and doubts.But after many to many.

Information bulletin board

  • Enterprise dynamics
  • Industry information

Working principle of building intercom

Building intercom system is to install security doors at each unit entrance.,The administrator switchboard of the district general control center、Talkback host for building entrance and exit、the electric control lock、The door closer and the visual intercom extension in the user's home are formed through a private network.In order to realize the talkback between visitors and residents,Residents can remotely open security doors.,Visitors at the entrance of each unit will pass through again.

Introduction of Front End of Monitoring Equipment

Before installing the monitoring, we can see several parts of the equipment that are monitored on the quotation list.The front-end equipment is shown above.,Today, let's talk about the meaning of front-end equipment.Monitoring front-end equipment:One.Video camera:Using Advanced Charge Coupled DevicesCCDImage sensing technology.With automatic aperture interface、Automatic white.


Principle of Parking Space Guidance System
Parking space guidance system is mainly used to effectively guide and manage parked vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.The system can realize parking. [detailed]
What is the reason why the fingerprint machine can and cannot be used?
The reasons are as follows:①Fingerprint on some fingers were smooth;②There are too many folds on your fingers.,Frequent changes;③Severe peeling on fingers. [detailed]
Requirements of Integrated Wiring System
The integrated wiring system is a set of wiring systems specially designed to meet the needs of development.For modern buildings,on. [detailed]
Methods of Avoiding Two Major Interference Sources in Wireless Monitoring
What are the ways to avoid the two major interference sources of wireless monitoringAs we all know, when it comes to wireless monitoring today,Can or let everyone follow. [detailed]
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